Xaar to highlight plans to progress inkjet 3D printing for volume manufacturing at InPrint

Chris Noble, 3D engineer at Xaar

Xaar—a UK-based developer of piezoelectric drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet technologies and manufacturer of industrial digital inkjet printheads and printing systems—intends to highlight its plans to progress inkjet 3D printing for volume manufacturing at InPrint, taking place in Munich, Germany, on 14-16 November, 2017.

The company’s 3D engineer Chris Noble will deliver a presentation entitled Opportunities in 3D printing for inkjet at 11.30 on November 15. During his presentation, Noble will explain how DOD inkjet technology is suitably placed to facilitate 3D printing’s advancement from prototyping and one-off and small batch production to volume manufacturing, focusing on the benefits of 3D printing in general as well as the key enablers for accelerating the industry’s growth.

Moreover, Noble will outline why he believes that Xaar’s HL (high laydown) ink deposition technology and TF ink recirculation technology are key to the realization of volume manufacturing; together, these technologies are said to be capable of delivering a fast and scalable 3D printing process that is both robust and economical.

3D printing is a highly attractive proposition for volume manufacturing, since it eliminates the need for tooling, affords exceptional geometric freedom and enables a significant reduction in design and production times. Furthermore, it allows for individual customization of products, decentralization of manufacturing and a reduction in inventory space.

Noble commented: ‘To date, 3D printing technologies have often been used to produce prototypes and one-offs. Whilst for many businesses globally there is a definite value to be had in this, the opportunities with inkjet technology are now creating even greater excitement and buzz around 3D Printing and its potential to deliver reliable, repeatable systems for high-volume manufacturing.’

Website: www.xaar.com