WASP 3D prints set design for production of Fra Diabolo at Rome Opera House

Italy-based WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) has 3D printed a set design for Fra Diavolo, a comic opera by the French composer Daniel Auber that is to be performed at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (Rome Opera House), in Rome, Italy, on October 8-21, 2017.

The director of Fra Diavolo, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti—supported by superintendent of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Carlo Fuortes—made the decision to use 3D printing for the set design, being of the opinion that is was ‘the best possible solution for achieving the desired result’.

The project began in mid-April when the opera’s scenographer provided WASP with a 3D printed model of two deformed historic buildings, namely two large facades of terraces and windows. Much like a Salvador Dali painting, the deformed perception of reality is a central theme of the opera and needed to be reflected in the scenic design.  

WASP used five of its DeltaWASP 3MT industrial 3D printers and ‘worked full speed’ at its new warehouse in order to meet the project’s mid-July deadline.

The DeltaWASP 3MT has a 1 m2 build volume which meant that the model had to be divided into 223 pieces. WASP used white polylactic acid (PLA) to print the pieces, which by the end of the three-month project took up nearly all of the warehouse’s available floor space.

The pieces were delivered to the Opera House in time, then assembled and fixed on a wooden carrying structure. A few minor inaccuracies did not compromise the work but rather ‘emphasized its special character’.

WASP has been named the official technology partner of Fra Diavolo.

Websites: http://www.wasproject.it/w/en/ and http://www.operaroma.it/en/