Stratasys announces availability of Agilus30 and Digital ABS Plus materials for J750 3D printer

Soft, rubber-like ear buds and molded interior 3D printed in Agilus30 material for ideal look, feel and functional testing; and solid case featuring carbon fiber-like texture in Vero materials—all items were produced on the Stratasys J750 3D printer

USA-based Stratasys has announced availability of its Agilus30 and Digital ABS Plus materials for the J750 3D printer. Launched earlier in the year, Agilus30 and Digital ABS Plus increase the range of prototyping and tooling applications that the J750 can be used for.

The J750 employs the company's PolyJet technology to build full-color, multi-material prototype models that look, feel and function like the final product.  

Agilus30 is a Shore A 30, rubber-like photopolymer available in the colors black and translucent liquid. It possesses high levels of tear resistance and tensile strength, thus allowing for the creation of models that stand up to repeated flexing and bending.

The material is suitable for a variety of prototyping requirements, including advanced design verification and functional performance testing. It enables users to accurately simulate the look, feel and function of gaskets, living hinges, seals, soft-touch parts, over molds and other flexible, rubber-like parts and elements.

British Formula One race team McLaren Racing is using the J750 and Agilus30 to create models that simulate the installation and performance capabilities of rubber-like parts in its high-performance vehicles and support equipment. The exceptional tear resistance afforded by the material has enabled the team to include highly flexible, articulated interconnections inside of unit construction rigid mountings for the first time.  

Digital ABS Plus is an engineering-grade photopolymer available in the colors green and ivory. It simulates a range of durable production plastics, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), offering high-temperature resistance, toughness and a high Izod notched impact score (90-115 J/m, 1.69-2.15 ft lb/inch).

The material enables users to create strong, functional models of manufacturing tools, molds (including injection molds), snap-fit parts for high- or low-temperature use, electrical parts and product casings.

‘Since the introduction of the unique Stratasys J750 full-color, multi-material 3D printing solution last year, we are constantly working to expand its capabilities for our customers,’ said Zehavit Reisin, vice president (VP) of the Rapid Prototyping Solutions Business Unit, Stratasys. ‘Adding these materials with advanced performance increases the system’s overall versatility, enabling designers and engineers to more accurately evaluate the viability of their designs well before production.’

Stratasys is exhibiting Agilus30 and Digital ABS Plus at TCT Show, in Birmingham, UK, on September 26-28, 2017.