Somos and 3D Hubs collaborate to offer online service for 3D printed tooling

Royal DSM—a Dutch, global science-based company that is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials—has announced a collaboration between Somos, its stereolithography (SLA) materials brand, and 3D Hubs to offer an online service for tooling 3D printed in the Somos PerFORM material.

3D Hubs is a Netherlands-based, online global network of manufacturing hubs that allow customers to obtain local quotes for custom 3D printed and CNC machined parts. A new hub comprising rapid tooling suppliers that can 3D print tools or molds in Somos PerFORM, a composite SLA material, has been added to the network.

The suppliers that make up the hub so far include:

  • InterPRO Models, in the USA;
  • Toyota Motorsport, in Germany; 
  • Vaupell, in the USA; and
  • Wehl & Partner, in Spain. 

Engineers are increasingly choosing 3D printing over traditional machining methods for their tooling because it allows for a significant reduction in production times and costs.

Tools 3D printed in Somos PerFORM can be produced in a days rather than weeks. This, in turn, means that product designs and modifications can be tested and verified quickly, thus shortening overall time-to-market.

Molds created using Somos PerFORM afford high levels of surface smoothness, detail, heat resistance and impact strength. This combination of properties allows for the development of complex molds for a variety of applications as well as injection molding using multiple materials including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), glass-filled nylon, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC).

‘We are excited to collaborate with 3D Hubs to offer the market a place where they can obtain high quality 3D printed tools and service,’ said Brigitte Jacobs, application development manager for Somos. ‘We work closely with 3D Hubs to verify the 3D printing tooling service providers in their network to ensure that the quality and expertise for creating the tooling is top notch.’

‘The collaboration with Somos on 3D printed tooling further expands our network of manufacturing services and product offering,’ added Bram de Zwart, chief executive officer (CEO) of 3D Hubs. ‘We are always [aiming] to offer our customers cutting edge materials and service. Adding Somos PerFORM to our portfolio expands what our customers can do and allows them to create high quality 3D printed tools.’

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