Sciaky announces sale of 110 EBAM system to Japanese customer

The 110 electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) system

A Japanese company has purchased a 110 electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) system from USA-based Phillips Service Industries (PSI) subsidiary Sciaky. With delivery scheduled for January 2018, this is to be the first installation of an EBAM system in the Asia-Pacific region.

The customer—desiring to remain anonymous for competitive reasons—intends to share details of the project for which it requires the 110 EBAM system during autumn 2017. The system will be used to offer metal 3D printing services to the company’s customers as well as for internal metal product development.

Sciaky’s series of EBAM systems can be used to produce metal prototypes and end-use parts as well as repair or remanufacture damaged or obsolete metal parts. The EBAM 110 is the mid-range model and is capable of producing parts measuring up to 1,778 (w) x 1,600 (d) x 1,194 (h) millimeters (70 x 63 x 47in).

EBAM technology affords exceptionally fast deposition rates, namely 3.18 to 9.07 kilogram (7-20lbs) per hour depending on a part’s features and material. Additionally, all EBAM systems incorporate the company’s interlayer real-time imaging and sensing system (IRISS). This provides closed loop control (CLC) of deposition, monitoring and digitally self-adjustment of the process to ensure precision and repeatability.

Commenting on the sale, Bob Phillips, vice president of marketing at Sciaky, said: ‘Sciaky is excited to work with this forward-thinking company. This is a historic milestone for the metal 3D printing market in that it will offer manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region an opportunity to take advantage of EBAM’s one-of-a-kind capabilities.’