Microlay launches DentalFab 3D printer

The DentalFab printer is finished in aluminium for a longer life.

The Spanish company Microlay has announced a new 3D printer, DentalFab, designed specifically for dental applications. Its said to have been in development for the last two years.

The DentalFab is an SLA printer that’s suitable for most common dental applications, including printing surgical drill guides as well as temporary bridges and crowns.

It has a build volume of 107 x 60 x 165mm, with a maximum printing speed of 40mm per hour. It’s capable of a maximum XY resolution of 55 microns and 10 microns in the vertical X plane. The bucket uses a dual membrane that Microlay says allows the individual layers to be easily detached for faster production.

It uses a filtered UV light source, which is said to be compatible with a wide range of resins from the likes of Detax, Envisionlab, Nextdent, Funtodo, Shera, SpotA and B9. It can also handle white and transparent resins.

The DentalFab includes a built-in post-processing chamber, which uses two 18w LED lamps, rated from 365nm to 405nm to ensure that the parts have fully cured. There’s also a rotating plate to give a uniform finish

It’s controlled via a touchscreen interface and includes WiFi so that it can be monitored from a remote computer or tablet. There’s a built-in camera below the bucket so that users can keep an eye on the printing process.