Matsuura Machinery USA to exhibit LUMEX Avance hybrid AM machines at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017

The LUMEX Avance-25 and LUMEX Avance-60 hybrid additive manufacturing (AM) machines

Matsuura Machinery USA—the USA subsidiary of Japan-based Matsuura Machinery—is to exhibit the LUMEX Avance series of hybrid additive manufacturing (AM) machines at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017, which takes place on December 6-8, in Pasadena, California, USA.

The series has been manufactured by Matsuura Machinery for over 10 years but only recently been made available in North America through Matsuura Machinery USA.

The machines—namely the LUMEX Avance-25 and LUMEX Avance-60—combine selective laser sintering (SLS) and high-speed milling (HSM). They are intended for the manufacture of highly complex, integrated dies, molds and parts in shapes and configurations not attainable using traditional milling methods.

The LUMEX Avance-25 is predominantly used in the high-value die and mold market. It is able to process parts up to 256 x 256 x 185 mm as standard, although there is an option that allows for the processing of parts up to 256 x 256 x 300 mm. Dies and molds featuring complex geometries can be fabricated as single pieces, which is said to shorten lead times and reduce costs to half or one-third those of conventional manufacturing methods.

Parts produced on the LUMEX Avance-25 are highly accurate as metal powders are melted and sintered using a laser and part surfaces are precisely milled. 3D cooling channels can be incorporated into molds in the single setup, increasing cooling efficiency as well as enabling high-cycle injection molding for the realization of improved quality and precision at reduced cost.

The LUMEX Avance-25 is capable of producing quick turn custom parts, be they prototypes or small-run production parts.

Matsuura Machinery USA launched the LUMEX Avance-60 in response to increasing demand from the aerospace and automotive industries for a larger machine. It has a maximum work size and is able to process parts up to 600 x 600 x 500 mm and incorporates a 1 kW laser for shorter sintering times.

The LUMEX Avance-60 features a fully integrated, automatic powder supply, collection and recycling system. Metal powders are distributed in the sintering chamber without the need for operator contact, eliminating powder dispersion and ensuring a safer working environment. Unused powder is collected, sieved and recycled.

‘Often referred to as a one-machine, one-process cutting solution, the LUMEX Avance Series permits production of the most complex and challenging parts through total manufacturing by digital engineering using 3D data,’ said Tom Houle, director, LUMEX, North America, Matsuura Machinery USA. ‘Engineers are limitless in their imagination and are revolutionizing conventional manufacturing.’

Matsuura Machinery USA is completing a LUMEX laboratory and demonstration facility at its corporate headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, adding to three other LUMEX centers of excellence in Germany, Japan and the UK.

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