Materialise opens new buildings in Belgium and Poland

Materialise—a Belgium-based provider of 3D printing services and software—has announced the opening of two new buildings, one at its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, and the other in Wroclaw, Poland.

The building in Belgium opened on October 5. It provides 3D printing production space as well as 5,500 m2 of office space to accommodate growing employee numbers. Incorporated in the office space are co-creation and partner rooms intended for strengthening customer and industry relations.

Louis Tobback, the Mayor of Leuven, is to inaugurate the building during an open evening event. Attendees are to be given a guided tour of the building.

The building in Poland opened in September. The majority of space is allocated for production and it is expected to house more than 80 selective laser sintering (SLS) printers. It is said that the increase in capacity afforded by the building will make it the largest 3D printing facility in Poland.

The two buildings expand Materialise’s Factory for 3D Printing, allowing for a significant increase in production capacity. The factory is spread across production facilities in multiple countries, including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Between them, the facilities house 155 3D printers, said to cover all major additive technologies.

‘It makes me incredibly proud to see the continued growth and development of Materialise,’ said Wilfried Vancraen, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Materialise. ‘From just a small room at the KU Leuven 27 years ago to two new buildings in this year, we’ll be able to meet increasing demands and further our position in the industry.’