LPW Technology shares 'Porosity—powder or process derived?' case study

Porosity—powder or process derived? case study

LPW Technology—a UK-based manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing (AM) powders—has shared its case study entitled Porosity—powder or process derived?, examining the sources and impact of porosity in metal AM.

The case study advises on the different types of porosity—be they powder-, machine performance- or process parameter-derived—and the means by which they can be identified.

It then goes on to outline the LPW PowderLab team’s investigation into a customer’s additive manufactured 17-4 PH stainless steel part failure. The part had been fabricated using laser powder bed fusion (PBF) and ‘suffered severe macro-scale cracking on removal from the build plate’.

The team used its materials knowledge and intelligent analysis expertise to quickly identify the source of the part’s porosity, enabling the manufacturer to resolve the issue and thus avoid further delays.

Porosity: powder or process derived? can be downloaded for free here.

Website: www.lpwtechnology.com