Holographic displays for home and office use to be available in 2016

New Kickstarter project Holus is reportedly aiming to become the first holographic display for homes and offices. Indeed, the "intricate contraption", cited as a complete solution for mobile holographic content, reportedly extracts content from computers, tablets or smartphones to make for a 3D experience. H+ Technology - the collective behind the invention - asserts that while it looks quite strange, the device is highly functional with "endless applications", including board games, holographic video conferences, planet viewing and pre-print 3D digital model viewing. The technology has been designed in two versions: the Holus Home Edition ($693 USD) and the Holus Pro Edition ($775 USD), which is targeted for office use. Both versions include a tablet dock, USB charging ports, motion tracking,WiFi, Bluetooth and speakers. However, the latter is said to be bigger than the former, with a higher resolution of 1920 x 1920 p (as opposed to 1600 x 1600 p), and uses an ambient sensor. It also comes with an SDK license and four charging ports. Both versions are said to be optimized for use with Leap Motion and other input methods like Kinect. The campaign ends in 19 days. The company states that the project "has been a total success" and that it has far surpassed its funding goal of $40,296 USD; indeed, it is nearing the $200K mark! As per the Kickstarter page, the holographic displays should commence shipping in 2016, with the first customers projected to receive the products in March.