Höganäs installs Digital Metal P2000 3D printer at the CETIM

The Digital Metal P2000 being loaded onto the truck in readiness for transporting to CETIM’s Saint-Étienne facility

The Swedish company Höganäs is installing its Digital Metal P2000 metal binder jetting 3D printer at the French CETIM (Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques/Technical Center for the Mechanical Industry). It is the first Digital Metal P2000 to be delivered to a customer and forms part of a licence agreement.

The CETIM is a non-profit establishment that helps companies in the mechanical industry acquire the means and competences to: take part in standardization; establish a relationship between scientific research and industry; promote technical progress; improve their performance; and guarantee quality.

The Digital Metal P2000 sits on a common platform that allows for ease of transportation and installation. The printer, together with auxiliary printing equipment, was loaded onto a dedicated truck bound for the CETIM’s facility in Saint-Étienne.

The truck arrived on Monday 19 June, and the first printing trials were carried out on Wednesday 21 June. The installation process continued throughout the following week with training of CETIM personnel.

The Digital Metal P2000 features a cover and therefore affords a reduction in both noise level and required safety footprint compared with open printers. Furthermore, it is equipped with a build box that is two-and-a-half times larger than that of its predecessor, the Digital Metal P1000, and said to afford double the productivity. The ink supply and powder handling systems have been upgraded to accommodate the increase.

Websites: www.hoganas.com and www.cetim.fr/en