Formlabs launches Form Wash and Form Cure systems for post-processing of SLA parts

The Form 2 3D printer, Form Wash system and Form Cure system

Formlabs has announced the launch of its Form Wash and Form Cure systems for the automated washing and post-curing of stereolithography (SLA) parts.

The new systems are designed to work alongside the company’s Form 2 3D printer and complete the SLA process.

Form Wash delivers a uniform and consistent automated cleaning process. The user transfers the Form 2 platform, with printed part attached, to the FormWash and sets the required cleaning time.

The platform is lowered and the part immersed in isopropyl alcohol (IPA). An impeller then agitates the part in the IPA and once the process is complete, the platform is raised to reveal a clean part that is ready for post-curing.

Additionally, Form Wash features a hydrometer that lets the user know when to replace the IPA and storage area to keep tools tidy.

Form Cure post cures the washed part by precisely controlling light, temperature and time. It uses 405 nm light and a heating system to achieve temperature conditions that are ideally suited to the properties of SLA printed parts.

Form Cure is said to improve the performance of Formlabs’s materials, for example, standard resins are made stronger and castable resins burn out more cleanly.

Dávid Lakatos, chief product officer at Formlabs, said: ‘Anyone who’s used a 3D printer knows the dirty secret of the process; a lot happens in between hitting print and holding a final product. We know our users’ time is better spent designing and creating, so we developed Form Wash and Form Cure to bridge that missing gap; making it easier than ever to go from finished print to ready-to-use part.’

Formlabs is presenting Form Wash and Form Cure at RAPID + TCT, in Pittsburgh, USA, on May 8-12, 2017.