Formlabs announces new dental 3D printing materials and partnership with 3Shape

The Dental Model high-accuracy resin for crown and bridge models with removable dies

Formlabs—a Germany-based manufacturer of 3D printers and materials—is further extending its presence in the dental market, having announced the launch of new dental 3D printing resins and biocompatible materials as well as a partnership with dental 3D scanner and CAD/CAM software provider 3Shape.

The new 3D printing materials are:

  • Dental Model, a high-accuracy resin for crown and bridge models with removable dies;
  • Dental LT Clear, a long-term biocompatible resin for the direct printing of orthodontic appliances such as splints and retainers; and
  • two LLA biocompatible materials for the direct printing of dentures.

Formlabs will showcase the materials at the International Dental Show (IDS) 2017, which takes place in Cologne, Germany, on March 21-25, 2017. 

The partnership between Formlabs and 3Shape will see the companies introduce software integration solutions that enable seamless dental 3D printing workflows. It follows the announcement last month of Formlabs's distribution agreement with Zahn Dental, a Henry Schrein business and major distributor to dental laboratories.

Since Formlabs introduced Dental SGclaimed to be the first biocompatible resin for desktop 3D printingalmost a year ago, the company has experienced significant growth in the dental market.

‘In building the biggest professional desktop 3D printing company, we constantly look to break into promising new markets,’ said Max Lobovsky, cofounder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Formlabs. ‘Sales in dental 3D printing have been one of our fastest growing areas, and Formlabs products are increasingly the go-to 3D printing technologies for dental professionals.’

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