European launch for CyberGage scanner

The CyberGage360 is a fast 3D scanning and inspection system.

CyberOptics is to bring the CyberGage360 3D scanner to the Advanced Engineering show at the NEC, UK, marking its European debut. It was first shown earlier this year in the US at the Rapid show in May in Orlando.

The CyberGage360 is a metrology-grade, ultra-fast 3D scanning and inspection system. It can make a highly-precise 360-degree 3D scan of complex parts and then go on to deliver a full 3D inspection report in less than three minutes.

Sean Langbridge, global sales director for CyberOptics, explains:  “The product facilitates quality assurance by enabling any employee to be an inspector of In-Process QA and Incoming /Outgoing parts whether on the manufacturing floor, in the metrology lab or engineering environment. Customers will benefit greatly from substantial reductions in the development cycle and time-to-market.”

The CyberGage360 was developed by Laser Design, a subsidiary of CyberOptics, that has specialized in 3D laser scanning. It uses CyberOptics’ proprietary 3D Multi-Reflection Supression technology that inhibits measurement distortions for a highly accurate metrology grade scan. It uses two scanners and is accurate to 25 microns. It’s suitable for several applications, including aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics and medical.