Dreve installs two ProMaker L5000 D 3D printers at USA dental production facilities

The ProMaker L5000 D 3D printer

Dreve—a Germany-based manufacturer of dental and hearing devices—has installed two ProMaker L5000 D 3D printers at its USA dental production facilities in Eden Prairie and the University of Kentucky, bringing the total number of MOVINGLight printers it has purchased from French company Prodways to 13.

The dental production facilities produce models for implant guides and orthodontic pieces. The majority of dental models are still produced manually using the traditional plaster casting technique, however an increasing number of dentists are starting to use intra-oral scanners and embrace the concept of a digitized workflow. Dreve therefore anticipates a significant rise in demand for 3D printed dental models over the coming years.

Dreve first approached Prodways in 2013, choosing to invest in a number of MOVINGLight printers for its dental production facility in Germany. Since then, the company has regularly purchased MOVINGLight printers to increase its dental production capacity as well as sought Prodways’s expertise in the development of new dental materials.

This most recent acquisition is said to demonstrate Dreve’s continuing confidence in the technology’s ability to deliver ‘ultra-high accuracy and superior surface quality’ as well as ‘maximum productivity and unparalleled speed’.

Dreve has conducted accuracy tests on the new ProMaker L5000 D printers and results have shown 95 percent data points within 32 μ on dental model production. As such, the company has decided to train future dental specialists at the facility in the University of Kentucky to develop new dental applications on the printers.

Dr. Volker Dreve, chief executive officer (CEO) of Dreve, said: ‘We decided to launch our own production for high-quality dental models using MOVINGLight 3D printers four years ago. We have chosen these printers as they are more precise and more accurate than other market ranges and highly reliable.’

Websites: www.dreve.de and www.prodways-group.com