Concept laser anticipates new architecture

Frank Herzog, President & CEO of Concept Laser GmbH.

Concept Laser has announced that it’s sales for the first half of this year rose by 88 percent compared with the first half of last year, exceeding the company’s targets. Concept Laser is now predicting this will continue into the second half of 2016. However, since the company hasn’t published any other figures it’s impossible to put this into context.

Frank Herzog, President & CEO of Concept Laser, commented on this success: “The transition to the industrial series production of additively manufactured metal parts is increasingly stimulating our growth. But this is where our constant aspiration to advance the technology with further innovations and cater for the needs of the market and our customers in the best way possible is also paying off.”

He is upbeat about the company’s continuing prospects, announcing details of the next generation of 3d printers, saying: “From the end of 2016, the next logical step will then be the commercial launch of our new machine architecture.” This will be a modular machine where the materials loading, production and post processing are all separated out for greater productivity. It will have a build envelope of 400 x 400 x >400 mm³, with up to four laser systems featuring multilaser technology with 400W to 1,000W laser sources.

There is also a new 2-axis coating process allowing the return run of the coater to be performed alongside the exposure, speeding up the whole process. Concept Laser has also added an automated tool changing system, similar to those fitted to most CNC machines.

The vision for the “AM Factory of Tomorrow” also includes linking up with traditional manufacturing methods, for example for post-processing of the parts. We should see further announcements on this concept by the end of this year.