BASF New Business acquires Innofil3D

BASF New Business (BNB)—a subsidiary of the Germany chemical company BASF that seeks to develop business fields outside of BASF’s existing portfolio—has acquired 100 percent of Innofil3D, a Netherlands-based producer of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing filaments.

The acquisition allows BASF to master the next step in the process chain, providing the end-use filaments as well as the plastic granulate.

The announcement is made less than a month following the news that BASF plans to launch BASF 3D printing Solutions, a company focused on 3D printing material solutions, on September 1, 2017. The experienced Innofil3D team is intended to strengthen the BASF 3D printing Solutions team.

Innofil3D introduces a range of thermoplastic 3D printing filaments—including ABS, PET, PLA and PVA—to the BASF plastics portfolio. The company is expected to continue its current business activities and become a key development and manufacturing platform for 3D printing filaments.

Volker Hammes, managing director of BNB, said: ‘Innofil3D’s well-filled product pipeline in combination with BASF’s plans to develop high-performance filaments will form an important foundation of BASF’s solutions for layered 3D printing.’

Jeroen Wiggers, managing director of Innofil3D, further commented: ‘We are very happy to be part of BASF. One of the first immediate advantages is that this will accelerate the further development of the newest filament technologies, making us even better able to help our customers be successful now and in the future.’

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