Artec 3D awards Europac3D Gold Certified Partner status

Artec 3D—a Luxembourg-based manufacturer of professional handheld 3D scanners—has awarded Europac3D, a UK-based supplier of 3D printing and scanning equipment, Gold Certified Partner status.

Europac3D officially attained the status on November 17, 2017, having undertaken in-depth training and exams focused on all aspects of Artec 3D’s scanners as well as learnt to use the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system to administer the ordering and licensing of its products.  

Gold Certified Partner status means that Europac3D possesses exceptional knowledge and is a trusted reseller of Artec 3D’s products, including the Leo 3D scanner, claimed to be the fastest and most intuitive on the market.

John Beckett, managing director of Europac3D, commented: ‘Artec have put us through our paces to gain this accreditation and we are delighted that our hard work has paid off and we have now achieved ‘Gold [Certified] Partner’ status. We are now officially a trusted reseller of Artec products and customers can rest assured that with our exceptional knowledge of not only the products such as the Leo scanner but the company too, we can provide them with in depth information and advice on which products are best suited to their applications.’

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