Additive Industries presents MetalFab1 model for process and application development and prototyping

The MetalFab1 Process & Application Development Tool

Netherlands-based Additive Industries has developed an entry-level model of its MetalFab1 industrial metal additive manufacturing (AM) system for process and application development and prototyping.

The latest addition to the MetalFab1 range offers the same build size as the systems for series production, namely 420 (w) x 420 (d) x 400 (h) millimeters (16.5 x 16.5 x 15.8in), yet affords a more compact footprint.

The ‘MetalFab1 Process & Application Development Tool’, as the new system is aptly named, is said to be competitively priced and therefore suitable for first-time users looking to gain experience in metal AM prior to scaling for series production.

Additionally, it allows expert users to develop build strategies and process settings for new materials and applications that can then be transferred to the larger MetalFab1 systems for series production. This, in turn, prevents disturbance of their production planning and regular operations.

The modular architecture of the MetalFab1 Process & Application Development Tool, a feature of all MetalFab1 systems, also means it can be upgraded to a MetalFab1 industrial system at a later stage.

‘This machine is the result of a productive dialogue with our customers and prospective users and completes the range of MetalFAB1 systems for industrial metal additive manufacturing,’ commented Mark Vaes, chief technology officer (CTO) of Additive Industries.

‘There is no other solution offering so much flexibility to expand in combination with future proof 3D printing capabilities,’ added Daan Kersten, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Additive Industries.