3D Systems releases Freeform 2017 3D precision engineering software

USA-based 3D Systems has announced the release of its Freeform 2017 3D precision engineering software, intended to help users overcome both design and manufacturing challenges.

Freeform 2017 is described as intuitive in that it provides full 3D motion control and touch feedback for on-screen objects. Furthermore, it allows for the creation and management of four different types of 3D part geometry.

The software thus affords a design environment capable of delivering prismatic solid parts, lattice structures, voxel-based embossed textures, virtual sculpting and other features, helping users achieve designs that balance visual aesthetics, dimensional precision and part manufacturability.

Freeform 2017 incorporates a number of new tools and enhancements geared towards the optimization of production workflows, facilitating:

  • easy generation of new 3D components, such as text labels and sleeves, from an existing surface (with offset) based on the profile;
  • dynamic visualization of cross-sectional slices of objects and extraction of images or contours (single or stacked); and
  • efficient export of orthographic or turntable-based image sets, with options for background transparency, cropping and other properties aimed at eliminating downstream editing in manual and automated documentation workflows.

‘Our customers are very important to us and customer needs help drive product and service developments,’ said Diane Edinger, Freeform product manager, 3D Systems. ‘Over 80 percent of the new features and functions in Geomagic Freeform 2017 were driven by customer requests and workflow challenges. We aimed to offer a balanced mix of performance optimizations, architectural improvements, workflow enhancements and new palette features and functions.’

3D Sytems is currently offering a free trial of Freeform 2017. 

Website: www.3dsystems.com