AM Americas Exhibitor Spotlight Series: GreenCycles

AM Shows and Disruptive Magazine have decided to join forces in the lead up to Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017 and bring you the Exhibitor Spotlight series. This is an opportunity for exhibitors to fill you in on the products and services they intend to showcase at the event as well as share their views on the future of industrial 3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM). If you like what you read, all the more reason to come meet them on December 6-8, in Pasadena, USA.

Name and job title: Monica Garcia Bustamante, marketing manager
Address: Miguel Angel Blanco 46, 46138 Rafelbunyol, Valencia, Spain
Phone number: +34 674 238 956
Email: / Website:
Social media: Facebook * Twitter
Company description: Plásticos Hidrosolubles is a Spanish manufacturer of products derived from PVA, a water soluble synthetic polymer that can be fully dissolved in water (at temperatures between 5 and 50˚C) and allows for the realization of improved plastic mechanical features. GreenCycles is a Plásticos Hidrosolubles brand of water soluble, biodegradable and compostable plastic.

What products and/or services will you be showcasing at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017?
We will globally launch the GreenCycles 3D printing water soluble filament, a high-quality support material for complex ABS and PLA pieces that is clean, easy to remove, being soluble in tap water, and 100 percent eco-friendly.

What influenced your decision to exhibit at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017?
Our aim is to deliver the new GreenCycles water soluble filament worldwide since it is an effective and safe support material at industrial as well as consumer level. Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017 is a good platform for making this public.

What do you consider to be the key potential for OEMs adopting or optimizing the use of 3D printing/AM and advanced design and manufacturing technologies, and how is your company positioning itself to realize this potential?

We believe that the potential of 3D printing is so great that even today we are not fully aware of all the changes that will occur in all sectors. This new technology helps every sector to amazingly accelerate their current processes, for example, in the health sector, hospitals are themselves producing not only prototypes to check the intervention processes in advance, but also real prostheses for their patients, and everything so miraculously fast, just in a few hours.

With the GreenCycles filament, we hope to contribute to facilitating and speeding up the development of 3D printing and the changes to come.

What in your opinion will be the next big advance for 3D printing/AM?
We think the next key milestone will be to achieve massive use of AM/3D, both industrially and at household level. Creativity and innovation capability will take a step forward then.

If you could say one thing to convince OEMs to embrace 3D printing/AM and the ecosystem of allied technologies, what would it be?
3D printing is not only recommendable for making complex, unique custom parts, but in virtually every industry it saves time from design to serial production. Since product validation takes place in much less time and at a considerably lower price, custom pieces can be developed according to specific parameters, making the production of unique and short series much cheaper.