AM Americas Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Carl Zeiss

The Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscope for non-destructive 3D imaging

AM Shows and Disruptive Magazine have decided to join forces in the lead up to Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017 and bring you the Exhibitor Spotlight series. This is an opportunity for exhibitors to fill you in on the products and services they intend to showcase at the event as well as share their views on the future of industrial 3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM). If you like what you read, all the more reason to come meet them on December 6-8, in Pasadena, USA.

Name and job title: Kevin J. Legacy, director, X-Ray Solutions
Addresses: Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, 6250 Sycamore Lane North, Maple Grove, Minnesota 55369
Carl Zeiss X-Ray Microscopy, 4385 Hopyard Road, Suite 100, Pleasanton, California 94588
Phone number: +1 800 327 9735
Email: / Website:
Social media: LinkedIn * Twitter * YouTube
Company description: ZEISS is a provider of precision inspection systems, including X-Ray coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and microscopes.

What products and/or services will you be showcasing at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017?
ZEISS will showcase solutions for additive quality issues from powder to part. We offer complete inspection verification. Using this unique, holistic inspection process for 3D manufacturing, we apply the concentrated competence of all ZEISS technologies in: material microscopy; computed tomography (CT); 3D scanning; tactile and optical measuring; and accurate data analysis.

What influenced your decision to exhibit at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017?
3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) processes are increasingly becoming a part of the industrial production chain. The greatest challenge in the production of 3D printed components for the aviation, medical and automotive industries lies in the demonstration of absolute reliability.

What do you consider to be the key potential for OEMs adopting or optimizing the use of 3D printing/AM and advanced design and manufacturing technologies, and how is your company positioning itself to realize this potential?
It is a fast-moving industry, still in the early stages. First and foremost, we feel that OEMs will need to improve the repeatability and reproducibility of AM equipment and processes. The focus on quality will be a critical requirement in the acceptance of AM components.

What in your opinion will be the next big advance for 3D printing/AM?
Unlike traditional processes, AM poses unique quality problems that ZEISS instruments are capable of monitoring and solving.

If you could say one thing to convince OEMs to embrace 3D printing/AM and the ecosystem of allied technologies, what would it be?
Consider using a professional AM services provider to learn more about this exciting method. See what’s possible in your industry and start small. Over time, use the results to build your own case for investing in AM.