AM Americas Exhibitor Spotlight Series: Aleph Objects (LulzBot)

AM Shows and Disruptive Magazine have decided to join forces in the lead up to Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017 and bring you the Exhibitor Spotlight series. This is an opportunity for exhibitors to fill you in on the products and services they intend to showcase at the event as well as share their views on the future of industrial 3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM). If you like what you read, all the more reason to come meet them on December 6-8, in Pasadena, USA.

Name and job title: Ben Malouf, director of marketing
Address: 626 West 66th Street, Loveland, Colorado, USA 80538
Phone number: +1 970 377 1111
Website: / Email:
Social media: Facebook * Instagram * LinkedIn * Twitter
Company description: Aleph Objects is the manufacturer of the LulzBot line of desktop 3D printers. The company is committed to respecting user freedom through robust tools that enable users to make everything.

What products and/or services will you be showcasing at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017?
Aleph Objects will be showcasing the LulzBot line of desktop 3D printers, which utilize fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology. We have new software, tool heads, materials and accessory products being released in Q4 that we are excited to discuss at the show.

What influenced your decision to exhibit at Additive Manufacturing Americas 2017?
We welcome the opportunity to connect in person with users, vendors and journalists at industry trade shows and events like Additive Americas 2017. California is an important market for LulzBot 3D printers, given the growing aerospace, technology and manufacturing industries based there and our manufacturing in the USA with domestic and imported parts.

What do you consider to be the key potential for OEMs adopting or optimizing the use of 3D printing/AM and advanced design and manufacturing technologies, and how is your company positioning itself to realize this potential?
Tens of thousands of users around the world rely on LulzBot 3D printers every day for prototyping, tooling, educating, and manufacturing. We believe continued improvements in ease-of-use and capabilities, coupled with case studies, will inspire OEMs to optimize their use of 3D printing/AM technology. We are investing heavily in research and development and partnering with users and educators to share valuable applications that inspire others.

We have positioned ourselves as a parts supplier with our low-cost, high-volume metal AM technology so that we can directly provide parts to OEMs and allow them to reap the benefits of AM without the large capital investment required to purchase and operate in-house AM machines.

What in your opinion will be the next big advance for 3D printing/AM?
We see advancements happening in all four major technologies (hardware, software, materials and content). Overall, the next big advances in the industry will continue to come from the free software and open source hardware communities like RepRap, who have driven so much of the innovation over the last ten years in the 3D printing industry.

If you could say one thing to convince OEMs to embrace 3D printing/AM and the ecosystem of allied technologies, what would it be?
Start small with an investment in a capable and open machine like a LulzBot, put it in the hands of an entrepreneurial member of your team and the machine will likely pay for itself quickly. Determine which applications make sense for your company and scale up accordingly.